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Defence Minister Oh Jin-wu, one of Kim Il-sung's most loyal subordinates, engineered Kim Jong-il's acceptance by the Army as the next leader of North Korea, despite his lack of military service.The only other possible leadership candidate, Prime Minister Kim Il (no relation), was removed from his posts in 1976.In 1992, Kim Il-sung publicly stated that his son was in charge of all internal affairs in the Democratic People's Republic.In 1992, radio broadcasts started referring to him as the "Dear Father", instead of the "Dear Leader", suggesting a promotion.

When he was made a member of the Seventh Supreme People's Assembly in February 1982, international observers deemed him the heir apparent of North Korea.

Prior to 1980, he had no public profile and was referred to only as the "Party Centre".

the government began building a personality cult around him patterned after that of his father, the "Great Leader".

Kim Jong-il was regularly hailed by the media as the "fearless leader" and "the great successor to the revolutionary cause".

He emerged as the most powerful figure behind his father in North Korea.

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    Kim involved his country in state terrorism and strengthened the role of the military by his Songun, or "military-first", politics.

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